Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

At Trezor Suite, we take your privacy very seriously, and to protect it from going into the wrong hands, we take effective security measures. Therefore, in this privacy policy, we have given the complete details on how we are going to use the information shared by users and the data that is collected through cookies.

After reading this privacy policy, you will be able to decide if you are comfortable sharing your information with us or not. So, let us now move ahead with knowing how we collect and use your information.

How do we collect your information?

Well, we do not collect users’ information without their willingness. Therefore, we collect only that information from users that are shared by them willingly. The mode of information collection could be different, but we take complete responsibility for how you can safeguard it.

What information is collected on Trezor Suite?

The information you willingly provide to us may include details such as name, phone number, email address, date of birth, and other personal details. This information is usually collected when you sign up for our newsletter or when you become a part of the surveys that are conducted on our website.

On the other hand, when you choose to participate in any forums or discussions that are taking place through our website, then also you have the option to share or not to share your PII (Personally Identifiable Information). However, one must note that the information that you share through forums can be accessed and used by anyone. Therefore, we ask users to limit sharing of any sensitive information in such places.

Auto collection of information 

A lot of websites including Trezor Suite, collect some pieces of information whenever users make a visit to the website. Our website uses tools such as cookies, web beacons, etc. to collect the information listed below:

  •         Device IP address
  •         Your operating system
  •         Your current web browser
  •         System settings
  •         Which device you are using to access the site
  •         Clickstream data etc.

Information about cookies usage

Trezor uses these cookies that are small files used by several websites to store users’ information on their computers so that it becomes easier for us to understand your preferences. In addition to this, users are also provided with an option to accept or deny the storage of cookies on their computers.

How do we use your information?

We do use users’ information in different manners and to serve various purposes. To help you understand more about it, we are going to list the details on how we use your information:

  •         We use your contact details to connect to you whenever we need to respond to the questions that are asked by you
  •         In case you ask us to provide you with any products or services, then also we shall need your information to let you know about the same
  •         To respond to your comments and to help you with other necessary details, we shall need your information
  •         In addition to this, we shall also need your information to serve you with the advertisement content or help you involve in online activities
  •         The information shared by you also helps us to perform data analytics and also to safeguard your information against identity theft

How do we share your information?

Our partners including vendors, consultants, and other service providers are given access to the information that you have shared or auto collected by cookies. In addition to this, we may also share your information with our business affiliates so that you can be given the best-in-class user experience on this website.

Your information may also be used for marketing purposes and to serve you with the requested data.

Data retention policy 

We may retain the data that is shared by users for as long as it is needed to serve legal purposes and to provide you with the requested services in continuation. Before we share any information of users with others, we always ask for their consent. However, we also allow users to get their information deleted or edited, whenever needed.

For more details, contact us

To know what measures we take on our website, we are always available to answer your queries. To reach out to us, you can write to us through email or communicate with us on call.