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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Trezor Suite. The following terms govern how one can use and access this website.

Changes to these terms

We reserve all the rights to make changes to these terms and we may also inform you about these changes only at our sole discretion. Any changes that we make to our terms will be immediately published on the website.

Thus, by continuing to use this website, it will mean that you agree to these terms.

Accessing this website

We reserve all the rights to make necessary changes to this website. Along with that, we also hold the right to restrict any user from accessing any or whole part of the website. To continue your use of this website, you may need to provide some information about yourself. Make sure that you keep your information confidential and try to safeguard it at your end.

Service charges 

There are some services on this website that are chargeable. However, the charges for these services may change from time to time. As a result of this, you may have limited access to all the parts of this website.

Website usage

If you want to republish or use the copyrighted information of this website, you will need to seek prior permission for the same.

Website usage restrictions

  •         By agreeing to the terms of use of this website, you should not:
  •         Make any copies of this website
  •         You should not use any videos or audio along with the text information
  •         One should also not reverse-engineer the software codes of this website


In addition to this, one should also not breach the given terms under any circumstances and also restrict from using any trademarks or copyright content of this website.

Links to other websites

If you want, you can link to our website’s homepage and other pages that are available on our website. However, one should not portray our website to be his own or do not damage the reputation of this website in any manner.

Reporting violations 

In case you ever find out that any or whole content of the website has been used in a wrong manner or any website violates the terms of use of this website, then you can report us about the same by writing us an email.